Merchant Banking and Finance

Welcome to Commercial Holdings Inc. We are merchant bankers dealing with a vast array of niche financial services. Some of our services include bank clearance and reconciliation, financial reviews, individual asset management, third party global payment platforms, surety bonds, institutional and private credit execution, wholesale foreign exchange, and loan syndications. Our clients include foundations, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, international banks as well as high net worth individuals. Our global network enables us to find solutions to the most complex transaction scenarios. We are comprised of senior executives with many decades of experience who consistently bring about success in even the most intricate of transactions.  Our loan and grant placement division is able to procure funds on very competitive and attractive terms.

Financial Services

Foreign Exchange

We offer Wholesale Foreign Exchange currency conversion services for large value transactions. As rates can fluctuate quite quickly throughout the day, corporate and government bodies are able to secure funds through us, and not be exposed to the volatile fluctuation of these currencies.

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Loan Funding

Funds are available for industries such as: metals and mining, manufacturing, technologies, food and agriculture, real property such as hotels and commercial development and expansion, and oil and gas to name just a few. Our services include international loans and trade finance.

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Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are forms of guarantees and under a surety, a third party becomes liable upon the default of the principal, who is the debtor or guaranteed party. Surety bonds are intended to satisfy security requirements and to protect against financial risk. We place both conditional and unconditional surety bonds for international projects. 

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Fund Procurement and Credit Enhancement

Our company has developed relationships with various financial firms, investors, venture capitalists, bankers and government entities throughout the world. We have access to public companies, private companies, hedge funds, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike, as well as some government bodies.  As a result we presently handle the brokering of loan transactions and on occasion credit enhancement services. Over the years we have brokered financing to qualified companies seeking funds for expansion, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, real property, and oil and gas to name a few. We open doors that were otherwise not available and our capabilities are attractive to those where traditional financing packages are not readily available or have not been satisfactory.     

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Capital Placement Services           

• Institutional, Private Fund and Alternate Funds Sourcing
• Competitive Rate Negotiations 
• Corporate Debt Consolidation and Restructuring 
• Due Diligence and Forensic Accounting 
• Fund Management 
• Credit Enhancement
• Global Capital Raising 
• Trade Financing and Letters of Credit
• Working Capital or Financing for New Construction or Development
   for all Major Asset Types: Retail, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, Hotels,           Resorts and Zoned Land
• Structured Finance Transactions, Securitizations, Aircraft Financing
• Consultation and Project Management Services for HNWls, Family Offices 
   and Asset Managers
• Fund Formation and Administration services 

Our team

Chris Carfora  


Our visionary, with over 50 years experience in the finance arena, is responsible for mapping the course for our organization for the past 20 years.  He holds a PhD in business administration. He manages the company’s fast-growing business in 65 countries around the world and leads his global team. Chris is a seasoned executive with a background in both marketing and finance.  He is also a passionate advocate for refugees in crisis around the world. 

Abdoul Rameed

Head of Institutional Banking

Abdoul has been a financial practitioner since 1979, predominantly in the international environment. He has served in a variety of positions in a diverse range of industries such as hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.  He holds a Masters Business Degree from Harvard. 

Mary Simmonds


Mary is a professional marketing expert and worked as a marketing manager for a major finance company. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing. 

Terry Curtis

Client Relations

 As a Master's graduate from New York University, Terry has proven time and time again to be invaluable when dealing with and meeting the intricate needs of our clients. His skills at consummating finance transactions is held in high esteem by both clients and colleagues. 

Rachel Huntington


With a BA in Sociology from the University of Chicago we take pride in having her as a key and valued asset to our company,  instrumental in managing all facets of our organization.

Michelle Hanover

Procurement Officer 

A Master's graduate from Yale University who implements an intelligent approach, bringing many years of experience in the arbitrage markets. Trading in foreign currencies allows her to hone in on the most competitive exchange rates.

Geoffrey Stermberg

Finance Services

Geoffrey is the head of our Finance Services Division and brings with him over 25 years of experience in putting together finance packages for clients. A graduate from the Wharton School of Business, he has proven to be fundamental in client and business development.

Capital Pool

• Family Office Funds • Hedge Funds • Private Investors • Insurance Companies • High Net Worth Individuals • Trust Funds • Heritage Funds • Syndications • Consortiums •  Money Market Funds • Corporate Investors • Institutional Investors • Humanitarian Funds • Philanthropic Funds • Angel Investors • Banks • Venture Capitalists   

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Financial Due Diligence

Regardless of the size of your transaction, due diligence is one of the most important steps in the funds procurement process. Done properly, it can increase confidence for both sides and allow the negotiation of the best possible outcome. Our due diligence professionals have extensive experience in financing across diverse markets and a broad range of industries, including public and private manufacturing, distribution, agrifood, chemicals, technology and oil and gas. We know that timing is crucial to any transaction. We use a systematic approach to ensure your due diligence is completed as efficiently yet thoroughly as possible, looking for factors that could impact rates and currency fluctuations both now and in the future. Our comprehensive due diligence process involves: Understanding your transaction goals, analyzing, testing and evaluating financial data and reviewing the package being offered. There are many benefits to working with our due diligence professionals, including minimizing the time and cost invested in the loan process and securing the best possible terms and rates. Our due diligence services go above and beyond while ensuring that the best rates are achieved before moving forward with a transaction.  ​​ ​​​​​

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